Posted by: Alicia | June 22, 2007

Groove Thang

Alright!  So it’s not exactly Tuesday, but we finally managed to make it to Alpine, Ca from San Diego.  So what has delayed us?  A: Just about everything (and I say this with a satisfied grin).  Some of you know that we intended to fly down here from Chicago, but that did not happen.  Saturday night in the midst of packing our bikes we realized that we would not be able to get them in boxes sized moderatley enough to bypass the airline’s restrictions.  Knowing this meant another $200+ to fly. 

After spending an exhorbitant amount of time knocking our heads together and inventing every bicycle packing maneuver possible, we gave up and decided to drive down to San Diego.  This at least would ensure that our sprockets and spokes would arrive safely and to the battle-conscious, meant that the airlines would not get money for absoloutely nothing.  So we arrived in Cali Tuesday night and spent the night in a hotel loading our panniers and tuning our trusty steeds.

Happily setting out on our trip the next morning, chipperly walking our bikes to the starting point, we began to, shall we say, admire the hills.  Our route began next to the Pacific Ocean next to a bunch of old ships docked.  The view was incredible to say the least. 

The rest of our journey did not go so well however, mainly due to the fact that our initial route was peppered with speeding motorists and off-ramps for highways!  SCARY!  Yet the cyclists of San Diego seem well acclimated to this little fact as they veer past the exit ramp into the next cycling lane sometimes without looking.  Inevitably, we Chicagoans ended up cycling when we could and then waiting for an opening between speeding cars.  I’m sure you can imagine that this led to a pretty long journey. 

In the end after cycling for 12 long hours we arrived at our camp site and dicovered that it was, well, closed.   After pedaling for that long, we gave up hope and decided we would pitch tent off the side of the road.  Let’s just say an unamused resident was involved and leave it at that despite the fact that it was not her property or anyones for that matter.  Later, an even more unamused cop was involved.  By that point we already booked a hotel and had called a cab.  After much hesitation our cabbie finally arrived and proceded to rip us off mega style, not to mention examining us to make sure we weren’t meth-heads.  According to him they’re the only ones out at night in Santee, Ca.

Not all of the residents of Cali have been so inhospitable though.  In fact, most have been absoloutely awesome. We have had people ask us to call them if we needed help and just today we had a gentleman stop and offer to take a picture of us together.  Most people have been incredibly interested and extremely giving, which we are thankful for.

Today has been an incredible test in the sense that we have had to journey several miles uphill.  Most of the journey so far has been shake, shake, shake, stop, breath and then proceed.  Very slow, but very rewarding.  The uphill has been an ultimate test so far.  After this post, we continue and hopefully end in Live Oaks Spring, Ca.  

In two days, we have already learned so many valuable lessons, but I will have to talk about that some other time as I have 17 minutes remaining on this computer. I’m not sure when we will post next, it will depend on when we can get to another library with computers.  Til then, shake your groove thang!     




  1. You’re trip is off to a great start regardless of the speed bumps here and there. Stay safe, have fun and keep in touch!! I hope to see you during your trip!

  2. Hey Alicia + Chris,

    Looks like your adventures have already begun. Oh the stories you will be able to tell after this road trip. I look forward to reading more updates and pictures too.

  3. So it sounds like quite the adventure so far. I sure hope that is the last of the troubles. Chris you called on the 24th. Is everything okay? I checked the sight (obvious) and no new news as of yet. Call if you can.

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