Posted by: Alicia | July 20, 2007

Coldspring, TX

Been on temporary hiatus for a bit here!  Well, for those of you that have asked, yes we are still alive.  Chris and I are in Coldspring, TX right now.  This town is about 650 people, but is wonderful.  We are staying in a house currently that we rented out for only $60 a night.  Considering the roach motel down the street wanted $40 a night, I’d say we did well.  The woman who runs the place bought us cookies this morning and left them on our porch: chocolate chip no less.  now we know how alicia loves chocolate!  made my day for sure.  hell, made my whole week now.

In any case, the house is wonderful and immaculate.  I added some pics of it on my flickr account that apparently no one can seem to get working.  (btw: it’s the link above the pic of the boat.  click on it and you will be taken to the pics of the trip)  Coldspring and in fact most of eastern Texas is really beautiful, especially after being in the desert for way too long.

We stayed in El Paso, TX for two weeks, which was not our plan, but we were reluctant to leave good company particularly good company in dire straits.  Meeting Junior, Chris’ friend, was great.  El Paso itself has nothing much to offer.  The people are terribly rude and it is a VERY ugly city.  However, company made it less terrible.  Chris had the joy of playing Amtgard with old friends, which he was tickled about.  We decided to car it to Navasota, TX just to get back on schedule and because after being in El Paso, we had little hope for the rest of Texas.

Well, I think Chris will be filling you all in on the rest.  I covered the more important details: namely chocolate and oh yes, chocolate.  Hope everyone is well and please do comment, we need morale boosters every now and again!   




  1. Glad you had a good time with jr. He really is a nice guy. Yes texas is very boring. Keep in touch we miss you, but glad you are enjoying your adventure. We knew it would be hard but sounds like you have good experiences too.

  2. Peanut brittle is great. Haven’t tried the jam yet. Thank you

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