Posted by: Christopher | July 20, 2007

Sweatin’ to the Moldies

Well, it’s been a bit since the last post. We’re now in Coldspring Texas, about 100 miles West of the Louisiana border.

About 3 weeks ago we cranked it half way across Arizona in about 3 days on a mad dash to get to Tempe. From there, after considering the heat conditions and our own physical condition, we decided to drive over Emory Pass. The idea of trying to tackle that hill climb in such ridiculous heat was not particularly pleasing. The flat desert had been hot enough but hill climbing in that heat was out of the question. The desert itself was actually not as difficult as you would think as long as you were prepared. However, we were ready for a break and decided to skip the mountains and drove on to El Paso.

Where we remained for 2 weeks…

That was not the original plan, of course. But, good friends have a way of making you want to stick around for a bit. In any case, our stay was a lot longer than we initially wanted it to be, but it was nice and relaxing. I had fun playing Amtgard again with old friends(for those unfamiliar, Amtgard is a game of medieval and fantasy reenactment and roleplay, with a hefty bent toward physical combat) and knocking some rust off of my sorely undeveloped fighting skills.

So now we’ve cheated again to motivate us to get out of El Paso. We decided to drive to Navasota from there, in an effort to not have to deal with the morale-crushing distance across Texas. Besides, we REALLY want to see Louisiana at least, even if we don’t make it to Florida in the end.

So, here we are, our 3rd day out from Navasota. We’ve covered almost 70 miles. We’re more or less 100 miles from Louisiana, and the countryside here is absolutely gorgeous. Lush forest is everywhere, along with green, verdent pastures.

It’s in stark contrast to the desert, which seemed desolate. It’s a bit hilly, which wears you out, but not so terrible as to crush you, like the climb out of San Diego was. The only complaints would be the bugs, which I personally believe would eat you alive if not for bugspray.

It is also incredibly humid here. This is probably the most humid place I’ve ever been. It gives it a cloying, musty, moldy feel. However, all things considered, it’s not nearly as bad as the mind-numbing heat of the deserts.

We camped the night before last in the Sam Houston National Forest and had some uncomfortable run-ins with local fauna. It was an itchy, uncomfortable night to say the least. I hate fire ants.

Oh, and I will squash that damned toad if I ever see him again…

Yesterday was a tired run 13 miles up the road in the rain to find breakfast, followed by 23 miles of pleasant countryside riding through wooded pastures. Or it would have been if not for the dogs.

The people here need to keep better handles on their pets. I believe we had as many as 8 dogs chasing us at one time yesterday. That wasn’t fun. I think I might bring a pellet gun or something next time just to keep them off my ass.

In any case, we’ve managed to find  VERY comfortable lodgings here in Coldspring for a very good price. The Coldspring Sunday Houses are very very nice, and the people who run it are exceptionally friendly. I highly recommend it to anyone travelling through this area.

In any case, We will be continuing on tomorrow morning and will be posting again as soon as possible.



  1. OMG, Big Sis what an adventure, this is the way to go. I’m looking forward to reading more blogs. Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your journey. Good luck and be safe!!!

  2. Glad to see you guys are alive and kicking… or cycling as it were. Do you two have a “road tan” now? Will you be riding back to Chicago from the end point?

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